Estonian Health Museum in Tallinn Old Town invites You to the Universe of Sleep!

Uneversum Uneversum

Sleep has a vital role in our life. We notice it especially when we miss it. A sleepless person is distracted and in a bad mood, forgets and has a high stress level. Moreover, the risk of getting sick is high. We miss the feeling of being really awake during the day and fall asleep during the night.

As a universal human need, sleep surrounds us everywhere – from the everyday life to fantasy and art. The exhibition “Universe of Sleep” is going beyond the borders of the museums and opens up the different aspects of sleep in a novel way.

Between 27.10.2023-7.01.2024 all the 3 exhibitions in 3 museums are open at once at the same time.

The Estonian Health Museum´ s sleep exhibition values ​​sleep as a reliever of physical, mental and emotional stress and restores capacity. We peek into the bedroom and see how people sleep and what happens in our bodies during sleep. We share good recommendations and practical tips for the best night’s rest for everyone who wants to take care of their sleep health. The virtual exhibition “Dream stories” invites the viewer to discover the more mystical side of sleep – dreams.

The exhibition “About Sleep and Sleeping” at the Estonian Health Museum. 14.04.2023-17.11.2024

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The exhibition of the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design explores time and space for sleep. It features design projects and plans that deal with time crises, the representation of progress and inactivity, speculative visions and experiments in the space and beds. Among others, the following groups, artists and designers are represented in the exhibition: Archizoom Associati, b210, Mai Bauvald, Niina Eigi, Helle Gans, Martina Gofman, Tõnis Jürgens, Kärt Ojavee, Norman Orro, David Reinfurt, Tõnu Riit, Helga Schmid, Vello Vinn, Tõnis Vint etc.

The exhibition about shaping the time and space for sleep at the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design27.10.2023-28.01.2024

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The exhibition “Tower of Dreams” looks for connections between dreams and creativity. Do creative people have more and more unique dreams? Or on the contrary – are dreams themselves a source of creativity? We will take you to the tower of dreams, where you will hear the stories about the dreams of theater people. They will amaze, frighten, make you smile and feel that the world is actually bigger than it seems.

The exhibition “The Tower of Dreams” about dreams and inspiration at the Estonian Theatre and Music Museum. 24.05.2023–07.01.2024

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