Discover the beauty of being a human

“A Heart to Heart About Your Body” in the Old Town is a one of a kind exhibition about the human body and mind. Each of the museum’s rooms grant insight into different topics – from evolution to medical history, from conception to death, from sexuality to addictions, while exploring our very being both on a cellular and social level. Interactive pieces offer inspiration to guests of all ages. For an added touch of realism we showcase plastinates – actual modern mummies to display the insides of a real human body. All this while not forgetting our individual and cultural complexities, history and personal experiences.

The themed rooms on the first and second floor of the two buildings delve deep into the human body and explore each organ system. In addition to introducing human anatomy and physiology, other subjects closely related to our body and health are investigated.

The permanent exhibition ‘A Heart to Heart About Your Body’ offers a vivid and memorable museum experience and encourages making healthy choices. We provide a varied and unique entertaining and learning environment for kids, students and adults.