A Heart to Heart About Your Body

The Estonian Health Museum is housed in two thoroughly renovated medieval buildings in Tallinn’s Old Town. These old buildings create a unique atmosphere and visiting conditions that are well suited to frame a modern permanent exhibition about anatomy and health.

The anatomy part of the exhibition introduces the construction of the human body and its functioning. We have display items (replicas and embalmed original organs – plastinated items), explanatory schematics, electronic and interactive exhibits, and audio-visual solutions. The second part of the permanent exhibition explores the subjects inherent to being a human, such as birth, sexuality, addictions, aging, and death.

The themed rooms on the first and second floor of the two buildings delve deep into the human body and explore each organ system. In addition to introducing human anatomy and physiology, other subjects closely related to our body and health are investigated.

The versatility of exhibits, such as schematics, anatomic models of wax or plastic, and original plastinated organs, gives the museum visitors a full picture of the inside of a human being. Electronic and mechanic interactive exhibits offer fun opportunities for participation.

The permanent exhibition ‘A Heart to Heart About Your Body’ offers a vivid and memorable museum experience and encourages making healthy choices. We provide a varied and unique learning environment for kids, students and adults.