Guided tours

A guided tour is a great opportunity to get an informed overview about the museum’s themed rooms and exhibits displayed in the exhibition. The visitor experience guide ensures that the flow of visitors through the rooms is smooth and the museum visit is memorable. We have many display items (including replicas and embalmed original organs – plastinated items). The visitor experience guide can point out the more intriguing displays and share interesting information in a coherent and exiting narrative. We take into account the interests of the group members on a tour and answer the questions that arise during the discussion. Our visitor experience guides conduct museum tours in the Estonian, Russian, and English languages.

General tour

During a general tour, a visitor experience guide accompanies the group on their tour in the museum’s themed rooms and exhibitions, shares interesting facts, and answers questions.
A general tour is, in essence, a quick panorama tour and because of time constraints, subjects are not discussed in depth. Hence, a general tour is suitable for exploring the museum for the first time.

Themed tours

Themed tours focus on a subject or themes (e.g. evolution, cells, pregnancy and giving birth, etc.) that the group is most interested in. In such cases, we tour only the subject-related exhibition rooms. If given sufficient time in advance, we prepare, if possible, a personal themed tour in accordance with the customer’s wishes.

The glass woman and a cell model enlarged 100,000 times

If you wish, you can listen (on the tour or in addition to the tour) a 7–9-minute audio lecture about the glass woman (an overview of the internal construction of the human body) and/or the cell (the structure of a cell and its functions). These lectures are available in the Estonian, Russian, and English languages.

Booking tours

Please book all group visits in advance:

Group size: up to 22 people* in one group
Tour duration: 45–60 minutes
Tour price: group guidance fee €40 for an Estonian-language tour and €50 for a foreign-language tour**, museum ticket is added

* To ensure a better visitor experience, we split up larger groups into smaller groups.
** If the group is split into smaller groups because of its large size, the fee for guiding one group is €25 for an Estonian-language tour and €30 for a tour in another language.

If a group arrives without pre-booking, we may not have the capacity to offer you the desired service. It may also impair the movement of other groups visiting the exhibition halls and exploring the museum. Hence, the museum has the right to restrict the movement of a group visiting independently in the exhibition halls, if necessary.