Recommendations for visit

Both old and young visitors can have fun in the Health Museum. We ask you to remember the following recommendations to ensure a smooth and memorable museum visit:

  • Feel free but remember that you are a guest. Be considerate of other visitors and tours conducted in the building.
  • If you came with food or an open drink, you can leave it with the cashier to be held for you. We kindly ask you to eat before or after visiting the exhibition.
  • There are many exhibits that visitors are allowed to touch in the museum. Some more rare exhibits are placed behind a glass or equipped with a respective sign – please just look at them.
  • Before playing games, please read the instructions and be prudent with the exhibits.
  • Parents or adult companions are responsible for children during their visit.
  • If you have any questions or you would like to give some feedback, please do not hesitate to contact a museum employee. We are ready to help.
  • If you lost or found an item in the museum, please contact the cashier (+372 505 6862) and we will make our best effort to return it to its owner.
  • Taking photos for your own use is allowed. Taking photos for other purposes, such as for advertising, publishing in a newspaper, etc., as well as filming shall take place under an agreement. To that end, please contact us in advance by e-mail
  • If you come with a pram or pushchair, please keep in mind that we do not have a lift yet and it is better to leave it in the museum foyer. A changing table and a potty for toddlers are in the disabled toilet near the ticket office.
  • Well-behaved pets are welcome in the museum.
  • If you have symptoms of a virus, please stay at home. Rest, recuperate, and we will meet another time. The same rule applies to people who have consumed alcohol and/or other narcotic substances.
  • Set aside enough time for the visit, and if you like the museum, recommend it to your friends!

We wish you a pleasant and inspiring museum visit!