Additional information for groups

Pre-booking group visits to the museum is highly recommended! A group visit is led by a museum visitor experience guide, who takes care of the smooth flow of visitors in the museum rooms and helps to make the museum visit memorable. Our visitor experience guides conduct museum tours in the Estonian, Russian, and English languages.



Group size: up to 22 people (*)
Duration of the guided tour: 45-60 minutes
Guided tour price: €30 (**)

(*) To ensure a better visitor experience, we split up larger groups into smaller groups
(**) If a group is split into smaller groups because of its large size, the instruction fee for one group is €25

For a group, you can choose a general tour introducing the museum or a themed tour designed to focus on a narrower subject. Museum classes can be ordered for pupils in different stages of study and for adults.

If a larger group arrives at the museum without a prior appointment, it may impair the movement of other groups visiting the exhibition halls and exploring the museum. Therefore, the museum has the right to restrict movement of independent groups in the museum.