Another pandemic! A centuries of disease outbreaks and treatments

Outdoor exhibition in the Port of Tallinn by the Admiralty Pool 3.11.2021 – 2.11.2022

The virtual exhibition is open permanently


On November 3, 2021 the Estonian Health Museum opened an outdoor exhibition “Again this pandemic!” by the Admiralty Pool in the Port of Tallinn. The exhibition explores the outbreaks of infectious diseases that have strongly affected the population of Estonia in the last century. Using visual resources (photos, posters, leaflets etc.) and statistics we tell how the medical institutions and the governments of different eras have dealt with those situations. Although focusing on Estonia this exhibition also tells the general history of 20th century pandemics. We take a closer look at the viruses from influenza to HIV and vaccination success stories. 

A more extensive virtual version of the exhibition can be found here:


The curator of the exhibition, Anna Rinaldo, on the topic of the exhibition: “A glimpse into recent history is important to understand that pandemics are not something extraordinary, but have always gone hand in hand with humanity. I hope that learning about the history of pandemics will also reduce general fear and insecurity, and suggest that collective and science-based action can also bring today’s pandemic under control.”


The role of vaccination in ensuring the health of the population is difficult to overestimate. Many centuries-old infectious diseases were curbed in the years after World War II thanks to vaccines.


The Health Museum wants to offer a safe way to get acquainted with the exhibition, which is why the exhibition introducing the history of pandemics will reach the public in a public space. With this solution, we want to support the general call to spend more time outdoors and offer new discoveries to people who like walking around the city. For those unable to go wandering around in the streets of Tallinn, the museum enables them to see the exhibition in a virtual form. 


Project team


Curator: Anna Rinaldo
Project management: Kristi Leps, Herke Kukk
Consultants: Aljona Kurbatova (TAI), Latshin Alijev (EHPV)
Interviewees: Ado Tuuga, Dr. Anu Kurve, Dr. Eero Merilind, Dr. Kai Zilmer
Texts: Anna Rinaldo
Graphic design: Martin Rästa, Baas Disain OÜ
Development & design of this virtual exhibition: Peeter-Marko Mikk, Gert Gutmann, Jon & Pun OÜ
Voiceover: Carly Cahill, Jegor Jermakov, Kent Joosep, Kristina Unrau, Ross Seymour
Recording: Are Kangus, Waltrex OÜ

Estonian Health Museum wishes to thank the Estonian Ministry of Culture and the Cultural Endowment of Estonia for supporting the project.