“Universe of Sleep”, the exhibition about sleep and sleeping

The purpose of the Health Museum’s sleep exhibition is to value sleep as a physical and mental stress reliever and restorer of capacity. We peek into the bedroom and see how people sleep and what happens in our bodies during sleep. We share good recommendations and practical tips for the best night’s rest for everyone who wants to take care of their sleep health.

Every third person in Estonia has encountered insomnia at some stage of their lives. Insomnia can be temporary, but also acute and chronic. No sleep, no health. Shortening of sleep time and lack of restful sleep have an impact on both mental and physical health, work capacity and life expectancy.

Activities done before falling asleep have the greatest impact on our nighttime slumber– being on smart devices, watching TV, eating a lot, exercising too hard or not being tired at all. Events and emotions experienced during the day are also important. The main causes of chronic insomnia are anxiety, stress, depression and various physical ailments. Fortunately, insomnia is treatable. It takes time, but it is certainly one of the most effective treatments in the world.

At the Health Museum exhibition we cover the following topics:

  • Sleep, biological clock and sleep pressure
  • What happens in our body while we sleep?
  • Benefits of sleep and effects of lack of sleep on health
  • The subtleties of sleep
  • Sleep architecture and dreams
  • Sleep disorders
  • Sleep disruptors and promoters
  • Sleep hygiene

UNIVERSE OF SLEEP is waiting to be discovered! In May, UNIVERSE OF SLEEP will also take over the Estonian Theater and Music Museum, where an exhibition about dreams and inspiration will be opened. At the end of October, UNIVERSE OF SLEEP will expand to the Estonian Museum of Applied Art and Design, where the influence of time and space on sleep will be explored. See also uneversum.ee

At the same time as the hall exhibition, we will open a virtual exhibition, “Dream stories”.

How well do you sleep? Fill the Sleep Diary and find out!

Photos: Aleksandr Gužov

People behind the exhibition

Curator: Ülle Kask

Project management: Jelena Tšekulajeva, Kersti Möldre

Educational Programme: Marleen Soosaar, Kent Joosep, Liina Allikas-Pürn, Ilona Stanitski

Room Design: Liisi Reitalu (Dada AD)

Graphic Design: Liisi Reitalu (Dada AD), Ranno Ait (WWW Stuudio)

Digital Solutions: Liisi Reitlau, Anti Veermaa, Kaido Tamm, Henry Griin (Dada AD), Mario Rääsk, Andre Ahuna (Blue Ray)

Exhibits: Dada AD, Kalle Tikas, Kennet Roosipuu, Ave Käige

Language Editor: Hille Saluäär

Translations: Avatar

Production: Tauno Tali (Siltau)

Virtual exhibition of dreams “Dream stories”

Curator: Anna Rinaldo

Illustrations: Sally Stuudio, Tallinna Pelgulinna Gümnaasium

Production: Jonipun


Erve Sõõru MD, PhD (Heath Technology), pulmonologist and sleep docto

Kristi Arendi (Kaisukool)

Monika Uustalu (ResMed)

Aile Pilberg (SleepAngel)

Krister Põllupüü (OneMed)

Eduard Tsvetkov (Medicum)